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Death is more universal than life, everyone dies but not everyone lives. A. Sachs

This memorial website was created to remember our dearest husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, Bob Baier, who was born in Detroit, Michigan on August 27, 1923 and passed away on March 12, 2014. You will live forever in our memories and hearts.

For all family members viewing this memorial page, please do not forget to add your place in our family tree. To view the family tree, it is located on the right side of this main page, just below the "Lastest Candles" section. It is a grey box labeled "View the Family Tree". Please click on this link and add your name and relationship to our family.


Latest Condolences
Stacey Sanford Always Missing You! September 1, 2014

Always Missing You!
By: Stacey Sanford

Although you left us a few months ago,
There are a few things I want you to know.
I miss you so much and I wish you were here,
I will see you in heaven, although I hope it is awhile until I am there.
You lived a good life, with lots of love from your friends, family and me,
It was a life to remember, and you lived it to the fullest and best it could be.
Each time we were able to spend time together, I was more and more impressed,
It became clear to me you had many life experiences to share and that my life was so blessed.
Thanks for being my grandpa, I wish you didn’t go,
I love you now and forever, more than you know!

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